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Thursday, August 30, 2012
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It's that time of year again, when Grade 12 learners are stressed out as their final exams approach. But don’t be alarmed, Jet Online has some helpful study tips at hand.

Coping with matric exams can be a frantic time for any Grade 12 student. Parents and pupils suddenly feel an intense amount of pressure as they know good results are more likely to get them a place at the tertiary institution of their choice.

While students may be stressing, there are ways to study smart and be well prepared for one of the most important exams you’ll ever take.

Tips when preparing for matric exams:

  • Have a study timetable – Preparing for exams well in advance is always a good way to ensure that you have enough time to cover all your subjects.
  • Don’t have distractions – Don't try to study in front of the TV or even in a place where you can hear the TV – you’ll be tempted to watch. Pack away your cellphone as well, as this could tempt you to listen to music or chat with your friends.
  • Don’t delay – Get started as soon as possible, don’t wait for the day before exams begin to start studying.

Health tips when preparing for matric exams:

  • Keep hydrated – Drinking water while you study will keep you fresh and alert.
  • Eat more often – Eat 4-5 smaller meals rather than 3 big ones. Big meals take longer to digest and are more likely to leave you feeling drowsy.
  • Snack attack – Snack on nuts, dried fruit or vegetables. Stay away from junk food like chips and chocolate.
  • Sleep – Get your eight hours of sleep. A lack of sleep will result in lower concentration levels.
  • Make sure you get some daily exercise.
It’s always good to go over past papers. No idea where to find them? Visit the South African Department of Education's website to download all past papers for every subject.
Ulpha Edries

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